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Natural resource prosperity, factor allocation efficiency and Dutch disease effect

Lecturer: Shuai Shao Professor

Lecture time: 9: 30-11: 00 THU MAY 30, 2019

Venue: Room1101, Wenlan Building

Professor CV:

Shuai Shao , doctor of management, Shanghai university of finance and economics researcher, PhD supervisor, Shanghai university of finance and assistant dean of the school of urban and regional science, energy economy and environment, executive director of the centre for policy studies, a visiting scholar at Oxford University, was the fourth batch of national "ten thousand project" young talent, the ministry of education in the new century excellent talents to support plan, Shanghai "dawn plan", "the morning plan" of Shanghai, Shanghai university of finance and the first while the researcher, won the fourth "Liu Shibai prize in economics. Presided over 3 national natural science foundation projects and more than 10 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects; In "team", "World Development, Ecological Economics, Energy Economics," economic research "the management of the World" and other domestic and foreign academic journals published more than 70, including four papers to be included in the ESI hot paper, 8 papers to be included in the ESI highly cited papers, papers in both Chinese and English respectively cited more than 1700 times (China hownet) and 500 (Web of Science).

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