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Shaanxi Education Department and SNNU to co-build National Teacher Development Experimental Base



On July 13, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education and Shaanxi Normal University signed a memorandum on co-building National Teacher Development Collaborative Innovation Experimental Base, at a ceremony held at Xinyong Student Activities Center on SNNUs Changan campus.

At the same event, Shaanxi Alliance for Teacher Education Innovation and Development was established.

More than 50 people, including officials from Shaanxi provincial government and Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education, CPC Yan’an University Committee secretary Zhang Jinsuo, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology president Zhang Shemin, Xi’an University president Chen Gang, Baoji University of Arts and Sciences president Guo Xiaopeng, Weinan Normal University president Zhao Man, CPC Yulin University Committee secretary Xu Jinghong, Ankang University president Ding Jutao, CPC Shangluo University Committee secretary Long Zhigang, and Shaanxi Pre-school Normal University president Shao Bilin, SNNU vice presidents Li Lei and Dong Zhibao, attended the events.

CPC SNNU Committee secretary Cheng Guangxu said MOE’s support for SNNU to establish the experimental base was a affirmation to the university’s educational characteristics and strengths, as well as to Shaanxi province’s teacher education. The co-building of the base with Shaanxi Educational Department and the alliance with ten universities in Shaanxi province would further improve the Local Government - Higher Institutions - Primary and Middle Schools collaborative innovation mechanism, boosting the development of teacher education in Shaanxi province. He vowed the university would spare no efforts in building the base and work closely with the ten universities, so as to forge together a demonstrative base, a new height and a bridge tower in providing Shaanxi experience of teacher education reform and development.

Shaanxi Provincial Educational Department vice director Liu Jianlin briefed the background of the base and the alliance, and called upon the participating institutions to mobilize resources, build a system for collaborative development, renovate practice research, and provide strong support for a high quality professional innovative teaching team.

Xianyang Normal University president Shu Shichang spoke on behalf of the institutions of the alliance.

Shaanxi Provincial Educational Department director Wang Jianli and You Xuqun signed the co-building memorandum.

SNNU president You Xuqun and leading officials of ten universities signed the framework agreement for supporting teacher education innovation and development.

Shaanxi province vice governor Fang Guanghua said strengthening teaching faculty development was an important measure in implementing president Xi Jinping’s instructions and the decisions of CPC Central Committee and the State Council. He urged Shaanxi Educational Department and participating universities to grasp this opportunity to make concerted efforts in improving Shaanxi province’s teacher education, so as to contribute more to building a education-wise strong province.

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