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SNNU and Bingyao Industry to make Western Red Candle Spirit-themed movie



On June 23, Shaanxi Normal University signed an agreement with Shaanxi Bingyao Industry Co., Ltd. to shoot a movie on the theme of Western Red Candle Spirit, at a ceremony held at the universitys Changan campus.

Bingyao CEO Zhang Yanhong and SNNU Publicity Department chief Ma Xiaoyun signed the agreement on behalf of Bingyao and SNNU respectively.

Other Bingyao guests, CPC SNNU Committee secretary Lu Shengli, Educational Foundation secretary-general Liu Jianbin attended the ceremony.

Before the signing, Bingyao vice president Li Zhaohui briefed about the preparation of the movie. He said Bingyao was proud to be working with SNNU in making a Western Red Candle Spirit themed movie, to showcase the university’s contribution to the development of teacher education in west China through generations of its alumni, since its establishment during China’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression in the 1940s. He said Bingyao would hire top-tier professional team to delve into SNNU’s history, so as to “make a good movie, tell a good story, and promote a spirit”.

Ma Xiaoyun said the rich cultural deposits, salient educational features, remarkable achievements and moving stories accumulated and achieved during SNNU’s 76 years of history would be a precious trove of materials for filmmakers.

Thanking Bingyao for investing in such a movie, Lu Shengli said the Western Red Candle Spirit was the embodiment of Chinese people’s national spirit and the spirit of the times, representing the virtues of patriotism, striving, perseverance and contribution, and an unique educational value in the history of teacher education. He recalled Bingyao’s donation of protective equipment and smart campus equipment to the university in the spring to help the university in fighting and controlling the COVID-19 outbreak, and hoped the new cooperation would turn out a popular fine cultural product, telling a good SNNU story in the context of education in west China.

Bingyao guests visited SNNU’s University History Museum and toured the Chang’an campus before the ceremony.

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